Does anyone have any holistic remedies for uti treatment?

I’ve had one that has been on and off for the past couple of weeks. It just comes and goes at it pleases and it is so annoying!!! I’ve been drinking some urinary tract tea with a dropper full of the tincture uva Ursi but that hasn’t solved the problem.. Help please!!


5 thoughts on “Does anyone have any holistic remedies for uti treatment?

  1. D-Mannose is a nutritional supplement that occurs naturally in cranberries, peaches, apples, other berries… and has saved my life when experiencing uti….

      • Honey, hi… I would have written more about this truly miracle cure, except I had my little rescue chinchilla sitting partly on my hand… so couldn’t type much! Yessss, this is such a wonderful supplement… and it can be taken daily just as a preventative to keep from ever getting those horrid infections. Take it daily if prone to getting them… and definitely take it when you know you have one. A nutritionist in a health food store (one who really does know his stuff) told me about it, after returning from a trip to India where I was on a bus for 14 hours with no bathroom breaks.. I nearly died with an infection there as there was no cranberry juice and even tho India is the home of Ayurvedic medicine, I couldn’t find anyone!!! This is super stuff. Comes in both powder form or in capsules. Everything I read about it says you can’t ‘overdose’ so I really doubled up on it to ensure I never got another UTI… and I never have since then. And no side-effects like that killer antibiotic Cipro that the doctor gave me upon my return, before thankfully learning about this ‘wonder’ supplement. I am sure it will help your Mom. All the readings on google say that women who have taken this compared to antibiotics, end up not having them again, where as we do know that we have had them in the past, take anti-biotics and still get them again.

  2. Have you tried just eating lots of pineapple and drinking pure cranberry juice. The cranberry juice helps flush out infection and I can’t fully remember what pineapple does… but i used to get UTI’s all the time and now I rarely get them, by the end I stopped using any medicine and just increased my intake of those two foods and wore loose clothing and drank plenty of water.
    You wanna flush it all out.

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