WOW has it been a long time since I’ve used posted on my blog !

Dear followers, if anyone is still out there… I apologize for my lack of communication…I’ve been extremely busy lately at college, but life has been going great! I have an awesome boyfriend…and guess what…. HE’S VEGAN 😀 It’s so nice to have some who shares in the wonderful lifestyle. I no longer have to struggle alone at restaurants or looks like the weird picky one (now we can be weird together!). We cook together all the time and quite frankly, It’s just fantastic! 

I’ve also made some really great friends over the past semester and a half. They share my beliefs and morals and we study hours upon hours together for the same classes. We both have rigorous courses but we take on the battle together! This week is the week before spring break so I don’t have that much to do thankfully therefore I’m able to catch up on some much needed blogging! 

Hopefully I’ll be able to find some spare time here and there to blog about my college life. There is just so much I could go on and on about! I’ll definitely be posting some pictures of Kendrick and I. Oh I also turned 19 on the 17th of this month. So that is very exciting! I’ve also started a vegan baked goods business called the Two Broke Bakers we have a page on Facebook if anyone reading this would like to learn more about us (: My best friend and I bake for 12 hours every Friday in preparation for the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning from 8-2. It’s so much fun and we have so many people who love our business. I think the best part about our business is the fact that we are selling healthy alternatives to desserts that contain high amount of saturated fats and cholesterol. 

I’ve also been fighting my school about getting an apartment next year in order to get off the meal plan. The cafeteria at my school has so few healthy options…it’s horrible. I’m stuck eating the same thing over and over again with very little variation. Being able to live in an apartment will allow me to cook all my meals and my parents will put the money that was designated to the meal plan towards my own food routine. This will allow me the proper nutrition I need in order to keep an active lifestyle and reduce the amount of oil I’m intaking. EVERYTHING is covered with oil at my school it’s so gross….

But yeah if y’all are still reading, let me know what you would like me to post about and I would be more than happy to obligge (:

Toodles! Pics will be posted soon!