7/11 Breakfast and Lunch!

Breakfast: I had a muffin I bought for $1.81 at Smell the Bread in Sarasota because it was after 11 a.m. and they discount them 25% off. So I was like sweet muffins!!!! I put it in the freezer and then this morning I enjoyed it with an apple and peanut butter as well!

Lunch: I had a huge lunch and I’m proud (:

  • half of a panini from Simon’s Coffee House
  • A slice of vegan pizza with daiya cheese, olives, broccoli and mushrooms!
  • One plum (organic)
  • Handful of rasberries (organic)
  • Half a bowl of my momma’s homemade Indian daal soup!Image
  • A large spinach salad with black beans, cucumbers and red peppersImage
  • Almond milk!Image

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