I hate when you cry at night and then wake up the next morning with puffy eyes

I foresee my eyes being very puffy in the morning…

So much heart break and pain rose to the surface this evening. Hopefully I can move on easily from this break up and become the independent woman I once was. I relied too much on a boy, I have to find once again the Ally who could be happy through any circumstance. I don’t have friends who are close by, all of them are in different places around the world. However, I have my parents and the support from everyone who is with me in spirit and they’re just a phone call away. I’m ready to enjoy the last 7 weeks of my summer, work out like a fiend, continue loving my job and seeing the customers faces and prepare myself for college to meet loads of new friends. ❤


4 thoughts on “I hate when you cry at night and then wake up the next morning with puffy eyes

  1. I’m going through the same thing.. So I totally understand how you’re feeling.
    Here’s to being strong independent women once again!

    • I really appreciate the comment ! I feel like it hurt when i was with him and Im going to hurt with out him but ill eventually get over it. I’ve been hurting for a while so it was a good decision. Thanks for your support! Hope you’re hanging in there as well! ❤

  2. Hang in there and have faith that there is a truly wonderful person out there for you! And no matter what else is going on just keep working on what you need to for yourself.

    • Thank you for your kind advice! I really appreciate it! Fortunately it has been very easy to move on…I think all this time of feeling hurt I was kind of preparing myself for the break up.

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