7/10 Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast: My typical oatmeal with dried cranberries, agave nectar, sliced almonds and almond milk but today I mixed in some homemade granola my mom bought it had papaya. Wasn’t a huge fan, plus I don’t really like papaya…

WORK OUT TIME: Cycled 23 miles and burned 324 calories so proud of myself (:

Lunch: My mom and I went out to Simon’s Coffee House! I had the garden vegetable panini which had zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash, and carrots with hummus it was delicious! I also had a cup of black eyed pea veggie soup! I splurged and got a slice of their vegan chocolate cake that is to die for!


Went to Earth Origins!

Bough 2.6 lbs of dark chocolate almonds lolol….


We also got organic bananas, organic rasberries, organic apples, organic roma tomatoes, organic chickpeas, and organic peaches! 


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