7/5 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins and agave nectar!

Exercise: I went to an indoor cycling class at LA Fitness and it was phenomenal ! I burned 320 calories and cycled 25 miles (: So proud of myself afterwards!

Post-Exercise Treat: I went to a local farmers market and found a small shop selling fresh organic lemonade and smoothies! I got a mango strawberry smoothie (: It was delicious!



I had a lot of shopping I needed to do at Earth Origins because my fridge had little fruits and veggies! I stopped at Smell The Bread a vegan cafe and the food turned out to be just okay.. Kind of disappointing for a vegan place! I had vegan chili which was wayyyy too spicy for my liking but all-around good and then I ordered a Crispy Thai Salad and that was almost unbearable. The cabbage was like soaked in the citrus ginger dressing they put on the salad and it was just unpleasant 😦 



I had to whip something up quickly since I was going to an art class at 6:30 turned out to be good and filling!

I had an organic Italian veggie soup out of a carton and then some cut up fruit




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