Salavadorian Refried Beans


Refried Beans

Note: This post was revised on July 6, 2013. I inadvertently left out part of the recipe.

Refried beans here in the U.S. are not fried let alone refried. They are nothing more than pinto beans that are boiled, drained, mashed, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Some restaurants and home cooks also add cheese to the beans.

The problem with refried beans is apparently one of translation. Although frijoles refritos, CAN mean refried beans, another meaning for “refrito” also means “well-cooked.  Beans which are well cooked (so they can be mashed) are “refritos” or refried.

Several years ago, while I was a junior high student, my family spent three years in San Salvador, El Salvador. In El Salvador, refried beans are made with kidney beans. They are also fried in the literal sense of the word.

Here is a simple recipe.

2 fifteen ounce cans…

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