I love the author Katie McGarry! Her books are so captivating and really get me thinking!

The love she creates in both the books I’ve read of hers are so powerful…I really hope someday I have a relationship with a man who would give anything to be with me, to see me smile and to make me happy. I wonder if love like this is only really in books? Or am I just selling myself short? Because Noah wants nothing more than to make Echo smile and comfort her. I often find myself craving someone to care for me like than. I often wonder if there will come a time I won’t have to keep throwing out loaded questions to know he cares about me… Will there come a time I fully trust someone I’m with? Will I be able to know deep down he wants to be with me? I’m sick of asking. I want to know.

Reading has really got me thinking about relationships and what I deserve from a relationship. I desperately hope that I can discover love like she describes it. I thought I knew what love is, but the more I think about my concept of love the more I doubt I’m right about it. It’s something that is supposed to last. It’s something that shouldn’t be questioned or doubted. I have yet to find that kind of love. Or am I incapable of being loved that way?  Katie McGarry uses two extremely hurt and broken individuals and weaves together a beautiful love story that is insanely passionate and inspiring. I guess love can be found in the strangest of places.. 

I’m so looking forward to experiencing something new and adventurous in August when I go off to college, bringing all my lovely McGarry books along with me of course! 

I’ve found so much comfort in this blog, I will definitely continue blogging as well (:


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