7/2 Breakfast & Lunch


My mom helped me out with breakfast this morning since it’s a rush getting ready for work on time.. I had a bowl of oatmeal with bananas, raisins, agave nectar and walnuts along with a bowl of strawberries! YUM


I got home around 2:30 and made myself a huge salad with organic spring mix lettuce from Fresh Market + an organic roma tomato + 2 organic carrots + sunflower seeds + red peppers + 1/2 organic avocado + roughly 1-2 tsp of Annie’s Tuscany Italian dressing ! I also had a glass of dark chocolate almond milk with some unsweetened almond milk mixed in. I also had my leftover butternut sqaush ravioli from the most amazing pizza place in town that has a  TON of vegan selections!!! ❤


Lol my mom’s in the background making tonight’s dinner!!!


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