6/23 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Since I went to bed so late last night and had to wake up at 7 this morning I was exhausted and overslept a little bit. But I knew I needed some good nutrition to get me through the day so I ate a bowl of oatmeal, blueberries, bananas, cranberries and walnuts with agave syrup. I wasn’t able to finish it all so I ate some on the way over to First Watch. 


I had a huge salad with spinach, cucumbers, carrots, sunflower seeds and a small amount of Tuscany Italian Annie’s Vegan Dressing. Along with the left over soba noodles!



My friend Marisa got me a graduation present and wanted to hang out so she could give it to me. We decided on going to Tandoor an amazing indian restaurant and it was soooo good! 




We had a chickpea dish and a lentil dish with jasmine rice! We had a vegetable samosa as well as an appetizer it was delicious!


She bought me a rice cooker!!! Such a great gift because now I can take it to college with me and make a bunch of rice :DDDD


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