6/22 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


I woke up around 11 and saw that First Watch had called even though I wasn’t supposed to work today. I got up called them back and decided I would help them out and go in for a few hours. I ate some of my homemade granola mixed with the store bought earth origin maple nut granola with some almond milk. 


I went out to Fast n Fresh after work today and had a spinach tortilla wrap filled with hummus, chickpeas, olives, cucumbers, mixed greens, red peppers, and black beans. I ate half and took half of it home!


Joe, his dad, his brother and his brother’s wife and I all went out to see the new movie World War Z it was amazing! We saw the showing at 6 and it didn’t get out until 9 and I was starving by then. They decided to go to Applebees and so I was looking through the menu not really seeing anything healthy I could eat. I decided I would stick with a salad and take off the chicken, bacon and dairy. It came out and it didn’t taste all that great and then I saw a shred of what I thought was cheese. Sure enough…it was cheese. I told the woman that I would like this taken off the bill and I didn’t want another one. I got a baked potato without any toppings so I scarfed that down but that was the extent of my dinner 😦 I got home around 1am and ate the rest of my fast n fresh wrap haha.


2 thoughts on “6/22 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    • It really is a bummer. They aren’t even health friendly… It’s sad to see all the crap that is on their menu. I only go because my boyfriend’s family love it but the next time they go I’m going to opt out because there isn’t anything there I can eat! 😡

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