6/20 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast: I had some of my homemade granola with almond milk!

Lunch: Dana’s mom made homemade soup with dill, chickpeas, veggie broth, vegetables from her garden and white beans! It was yummy! I also used some of their dakota bread for a sandwich with hummus, lettuce, peas and avocado!

Dinner: My dinner was horrible! I hate airport food. I went to a place called Willie’s Burritos or something like that and got two veggie tacos with rice, pinto beans, black beans, lettuce and cucumber and I could only eat one! I had some guac and chips though as well. I ate some pistacios on the plane. I was hungry when I met up with my mom and she was nice enough to have packed some carrots and a super charge me cookie ! ❤


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