6/19 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


My friend Dana and I went into Boston for the day to shop and look around. I hadn’t eaten breakfast that morning because we were in a rush to catch the train. So when we got to Boston our first mission was to find something to eat. We went to several places before finding The Pavement Cafe that had vegan scones and muffins. They had a carrot muffin I really wanted to try but they were already out of those so I had a raisin scone that was vegan along with an apple and peanut butter. 


Dana and I both weren’t feeling good around 12:30 so we had an early lunch at the Trident Book Cafe. It was half bookstore half cafe. They had a lot of vegan options! I tried the black bean burger and it was literally the best vegan burger I’ve ever tasted! It was huge!!! I ate the whole thing! I was proud of myself because it came with lays potato chips and I didn’t even eat one! 😀



Dana’s parents took my friend and I out to a place called the Grange. It was a vegetarian restaurant that was extremely vegan friendly (obviously). The menu was kind of confusing, and it was hard to choose an entree but I ended up choosing a mushroom dish that had riccota gnudi, which I took out, + swiss chard + english peas + potato + mushroom and pea broth. We also had a crostini appetizer that we all shared that had charred leek, white bean puree and red wine.



Then for dessert we had a yummy chocolate plate !




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