6/11 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


I think I had granola with almond milk yesterday…I for some reason don’t remember exactly if that is accurate haha but I remember the rest of the day (:


Since I worked yesterday, I had a bowl of fruit to eat to get me through 8 am-4pm lol and then when I got back to my house I made myself a large bowl of greens (organic arugula and spinach mix) with sunflower seeds, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and olives with a small amount of Annie’s Tuscany Italian dressing. I wish I would of taken a picture to show you all, but I was too hungry to bother! I also whipped up a vegan quesadilla with a whole wheat spelt tortilla and daiya cheese melted in the middle! YUM.


My mom cooked whole wheat, organic spaghetti with marinara sauce as well as roasted zucchini (with cracked pepper that really burned the back of my throat it was a strange phenomena) and I had two halves of a flaxseed bagel with vegan butter while they had non-vegan bread to eat. I also had the rest of the vega nutritional shake packet.


My vegetarian friend Marisa spent the night last night and we made homemade vegan chocolate chip (carob) cookies! It was kind of a fail because it turned into a cookie cake but they tasted delicious..kind of addicting!



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