6/8 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


One slice of banana bread and a small amount of granola with unsweetened almond milk


I had to work today from 8:30-4:00pm so I didn’t have much of a lunch today. I snacked on two pieces of toasted, dry whole wheat bread and a fruit bowl.


My parents took me out to a nice restaurant tonight called State Street Eating House in Sarasota. It was sooo delicious and they had so many vegan options because everything they make there is homemade so it is easy for them to forgo the butter on the veggies. Score!

I’m really sad I didn’t take a picture of my delicious meal! I was too focused on eating it because of how starving I was! I’m going to copy the description off the menu so my fellow bloggers can get somewhat of an idea how yummy it was! (A picture would’ve been better 😦 )

~Chickpea Casserole, Grated Yellow Zucchini, Basil Leaf, Wilted Spinach, Charred Sweet Bell Peppers, Smoked Tomato Oil & Pine Nuts. 

The only thing I have to say about this dish is that I felt like there was too much oil? I wish they could put raw veggies with the chickpea casserole! But regardless it was yummy.

Dessert: My family went to Sub Zero and we all got almond milk based ice cream. I got mint flavored with almond pieces, mixed berries and sprinkles!


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