6/6 Dinner

I’ve been wanting to try a place called El Toro Bravo in Sarasota…however, they are closed often and so whenever I’ve wanted to go out to eat I had to go elsewhere.

Well tonight my mom and I drove over there for dinner and got there right when they opened at five. BEST MEXICAN PLACE IN SARASOTA BY FAR. Totally vegan-friendly too!! I’m going to have to take my boyfriend (he’s a meat-eater and there is plenty of options..actually the whole menu minus the vegetarian section haha) and my dad for father’s day! 

I had the most popular vegan entree called the Number 2 Cancun! It was a taco with refried beans (vegan–made without lard), tomatoes and lettuce, as well as two enchilladas filled with peppers and then a side of refried beans and rice!! I love refried beans. When I wasn’t vegan it would be the thing I looked forward to the most at mexican restaurants!!! It was so nice when I was able to eat refried beans again at this restaurant and this time they were vegan!!! YAY


Then the owner came over and gave us a welcome dessert (not vegan haha my mom ate the whole thing) since it was our first time to his restaurant! He also said that he treats vegans well and always wants us to have a table and told me to call him ahead of time and told him I’m his vegan neighbor and he will ensure I have a seat. The place was packed right when they opened the doors at 5!!! Craziness but so yummy 😀


He also wanted me to make him a vegan dessert and said he was going to start exploring dessert options for vegans !!! SWEET.


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