6/4 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast: some organic watermelon, an organic peach and one of the super charge me cookies

Snack at work: 

A trailmix that my mom bought at trader joe’s, very delicious!




A bowl of veggie soup and two pieces of dry whole wheat toast


I tried a vegan refried bean recipe, Frijoles Refritos,  and it turned out just OK. I was kind of dissapointed because I loved refried beans and I was hoping it would turn out similar but it was very watery and I put it in a spelt tortilla and it was soggy so I had to cut the tortilla into strips and eat it differently. I also had two pieces of left over vegan pizza with daiya shreds, broccoli, olives, red peppers and artichokes. I was very hungry haha.


A vegan oatmeal raisin cookie from Earth Origin’s (:


2 thoughts on “6/4 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

  1. Aww no! Sorry to hear your refried beans turned out watery. Was there a water content in your tomatoes (I presume, tinned?)? Did you drain the beans? Not sure what that would be from but sorry to hear it! Don’t give up on Frijoles Refritos though – seriously staple food here, we love it! Might just need some tweaking. xx

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