6/2 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast: Maple Almond Granola from Earth Origins with unsweet almond milk


I had to work yesterday from 8:30 to 4:30 without a break so I took a bowl of fruit home to go and munched on a piece of raw whole wheat bread since I was famished…Then I got home and ate a slice of vegan pizza I ate for lunch on the day of my graduation. I also had some of my left over indian food (chickpeas, tomatoes and curry) not sure what the dish was called at the tandoor restuarant. 


Me and my lovebug, Joe, went out to eat at Panera and I got my favorite, Black bean soup and tried a new dish called Chilled Shrimp and Soba Noodles. I obviously got the dish without the shrimp and I asked to check the nutrition book to see if the soba noodles and spinach salad with peanut dressing and orange miso sauce contained any hidden animal ingredients. It didnt! It was so lovely. I asked for the orange miso sauce on the side and I simply poured a small amount of the dressing because I think that spinach leaves are delightful by themselves and the soba noodles had a peanut sauce on them already! 


We had a movie night at a friends house so me and joe went to Target to find snacks and I found Justin’s Organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I brought them along with me but I found that I had a tummy ache after I ate them…not really sure why. I know they were vegan but I’m not going to buy them again since my stomach didn’t like them!




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