5/31 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!


I went to First Watch with Joe after graduation practice today and ate for really cheap! (only $10 for the both of us since I have a discount! ) I brought along my own almond milk, agave syrup and vegan soy free (Earth Balance) butter! I had cranberry nut oatmeal with walnuts and bananas. I added some almond milk and agave syrup and it was sooo delicious! I got whole wheat toast dry and added my vegan butter. I also got fruit! YUM.

Lunch: non-existent….ugh not a happy camper

Dinner: I was so starving and so moody no one wanted to be around me… lol

My family and my Sweedish friend Marisa, went out for vegan pizza and it was sooo good! This local pizza place is squeezed between a family dollar store and bingo land….very sketchy part of town but they have some dang good pizza! My dad went and got regular pizza and my mom had a slice of both and said that my pizza tasted better in comparison! YAY VEGAN FOR THE WIN! I got some hummus with veggies as an appetizer so my hunger wouldn’t make me hurt someone lol. 


I took a vegan cupcake to go from the pizza place and when I got home I had some raisins (:


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