Making Super Charge Me Cookies (The gluten version)

Thanks to Nats Healthy Kitchen, I found this delicious, healthy cookie recipe! These cookies are packed with antioxidants, fiber, iron and omega 3s!! The recipe calls for flax seed, black strap molasses, oats and I added some chia seeds! You’d never know they were vegan..

The mix ins I used were sun flower seeds, craisins, vanilla extract, ground cinammon and chia seeds. 

I took some pictures of the baking process (:

Two tips I want to mention about this recipe.. I only cooked them on 355 degrees for 10 minutes. The recipe says 13 minutes but that would’ve been way too long. I think 8-10 would be plenty of time. I also needed to but around 3-3.5 tsp of coconut oil since the original mixture was much too dry to even form into balls. I simply microwaved the coconut oil since I keep mine in the fridge for 30 sec at a time checking on the melting process and then measure the liquid. 

I DEFINITELY reccommend making these! So healthy and my mom and I are obsessing how good these taste right now!











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