5/26 Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks

Breakfast: finished off my maple granola from Whole Foods, so tomorrow morning I’m going to have to figure out other plans for breakfast to start my day off right.

Lunch: I went to the farmers market today to fill up my time since I’m really lonely because my parents are out of town and so is my best friend Marisa. So I looked around there for a while, sampled some kalamata bread, matcha green tea and vegan beauty products. Then I called around to try to find a restaurant with vegan options. The cottage told me they had some options, when I got the menu there was not one single thing on there that was vegan so I left. I ended up going to panera and getting the you pick two–cup of black bean soup + 1/2 a mediterranean veggie sandwich without cheese or onions + an apple as a side.

Snack: I got hungry again around 4pm so I decided it was too early for dinner and I wanted to try yogurtology in Sarasota. I had nothing better to do! So I drove down there and it was just soso. Menchie’s and Yogurtology have their plus’ and minus’. 

Pro’s & Cons of Menchies Sorbet:

+2 different sorbet flavors

+usually change them bi weekly or monthly

+very tasty and relatively low cal options (80 cal/40 fl oz.)

+close to home

+rewards program

-sorbet melts very quickly

-the atmosphere is really weird… “Have a smiley day!” 

-not a very good assortment of toppings

Pro’s & Con’s of Yogurtology’s Sorbet:

+thick consistency, won’t melt while you’re eating it.

+wide array of toppings–they have carob chips but Idk if they are vegan or not so I didn’t get them 

+premium grade sorbet–you can definitely taste the higher quality sorbet

-only one flavor at a time

-farther drive from my house 

-no rewards program




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