5/24 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


I didn’t have much breakfast this morning because I was rushing to get ready in time for work so I just had a bowl of maple cinnamon granola from the bulk isle at whole foods. Along with some unsweet almond milk (:


After work around 2:30 me and my boyfriend went out to my favorite place to eat where there are amazing home made soups and plenty of vegan options to choose from! It’s called Simon’s Coffee House! They like 6 different home made soups that day and a bunch of specials to choose from, but I tend to stick to the same thing every time I go…so I got a cup of veggie chili along with their garden vegetable panini minus the dill sauce (contains dairy) and swiss cheese and add hummus! It was so delicious. They also have homemade vegan bread so I got a chunk of that to go with my soup. YUM. Joe got a South west bbq sandwich and a caesar salad and loved it! I would recommend it to anyone because it accommodates all lifestyles(:


I went out to dinner with Joe and his family to Bogey’s and I knew they had a vegan pita I could get but I wasn’t feeling the pita idea even though it was delicious the last time I tried it. So I got a greek salad instead minus the feta, onion, peperochini’s and dressing and replaced oil and vinegar with the dressing just for taste. Whenever I go out to eat and get a salad I use such a small amount of dressing because I like the taste of greens alone! Sometimes I just grab some leaves of lettuce and snack on them like I’m a rabbit or something hahah (:


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