Breakfast & Lunch 5/22




1/2 c. oats 3/4 c. water 

I tend to like my oatmeal still firm not watery so I always use less water than instructed than I mix almond milk into the oatmeal to make it into a smooth consistency! Then I added a drizzle of agave nectar, a handful of craisins, and some sliced almonds!



My boyfriend and I went out to Panera for lunch and I got a sourdough bread bowl with black bean soup and an apple on the side. Panera always has the best black bean soup! I could eat it all day long (:

I’m really excited for dinner tonight though! I was invited over for a cook out and I decided to bring a quinoa cake I found of whole foods that I’m going to grill! I hope it turns out okay! My boyfriend’s mom is cooking and she always makes the best food so it should be fun (: If I have time I’ll take a picture of my meal! 

❤ Ally


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