5/14 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast: Oatmeal mixed with almond milk, cranberries and agave nectar

Lunch: 1/2 sandwich with peanut butter cinnamon raisin spread, 1/2 sandwich with hummus, strawberries, oatmeal raisin cookie, peaches, and sun chips

Snacks: My boyfriend and I made vegan chocolate cupcakes after school today. They were delicious! At least I thought they were, he was not a fan but he also isn’t a vegan. Oh well! It was fun making them with him! I found the recipe in the plant-based cookbook called “Forks Over Knives” I highly recommend it! We also made the frosting that it called for however it was semi-inconvenient because it had to chill for 3 hours ! So I just ate them plain, still definitely delicious.


Dinner: My boyfriend, his family and I all went out to Pei Wei for dinner it was so good and they are vegan-friendly! I had the teriyaki rice bowl made with brown rice, no onions or scallions. I also had two vegetarian spring rolls. DELISH! Any vegan who is looking for a somewhat inexpensive, vegan meal out should try this place!




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