5/11 Breakfast and Lunch

I worked as a server today so I was limited on time for breakfast and couldn’t eat lunch until I got home around 3 pm. But this morning I ate the bar shown below! I bought a variety of vegan granola bars and I’ve tried two out of the 4 I bought and loved them! This one is by Earnest Eats and is cranberry and lemon zest flavored. Filled me up as a sneaked this snack while working haha.



I work at first watch and they only have a few vegan options but they have an amazing veggie soup that they only have on certain days. They had my soup today I was so excited!! I got two bowls to go along with some multigrain bread (: DELISH. 

My mom made some appetizers when I got home and made some brushetta for me with vegan, soy-free butter instead of the mayonnaise and parmesan spread. It was awesome! 

Tonight for dinner we are having chicken, rice, salad, along with sauteed cauliflower and brussel sprouts (obviously I’m not eating the chicken but I’m the only vegan in the family haha) 


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