I feel like I’ve been gaining weight being a vegan!

This fact doesn’t bother me a whole lot yet since I think it’s pretty impossible to become fat on a plant based diet. I do eat a sweet treat every now and then but the bulk of my diet is fruit and veggies! I have whole wheat bread or vegan tortillas on a wrap, i use whole wheat pasta i feel like I’m doing everything correct with the occasional splurge. I weighed myself tonight and I weight 124.3. My weight can fluxuate a lot through the day…but this is the highest I’ve weighed being a vegan I think I usually weigh around 121-122. Maybe I’m just being OCD? I do eat more than I feel like I used to, but I’m eating the right kinds of foods usually…and I’ve read that the volume of food doesn’t matter as long you are eating the right kinds of foods. 

Maybe I should track my weight and diet. I’ll try to weigh myself in the morning, possibly in the middle of the day if I have time and at night ! 


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