Allergies make life a bit difficult…especially for a vegan

Allergies make life a bit difficult...especially for a vegan

I went to the doctor to pick up my blood test results and discovered I’m allergic to soybeans, cats (already knew), ragweed and live oak. Being allergic to soybean is not a very fun allergy to have since a lot of the alternatives to meat products contain soy. I’ll have to go to even more effort to finding foods that fit my lifestyle. But I guess you do what you gotta do to get by.

Threw out my soy icecream and switched to coconut icecream, and I found vegan Earthbalance butter with no soy so I guess that is definitely a start to eliminating soy! Idk if I could get rid of soy sauce…it’s so good with rice hahaha


7 thoughts on “Allergies make life a bit difficult…especially for a vegan

  1. What a bummer that you’re allergic to soy! I guess you’ll have to do coconut milk or rice ice cream now. I personally love So Delicious Coconut Milk ice cream. Celeste:)

  2. Thank you for the suggestion i’ll definitely have to try it! (: It’s always nice to see you’ve liked some of my posts or commented. It’s good to know someone is reading the things I post haha !!

  3. Hi Ally,
    honestly after 6 years of being on the Vegan journey, I cut out a lot of soy. I call it the Vegan junk food. When my husband said that he wanted to go Vegan (after watching Forks over Knives) I did more soy than normal to ease him into it. But we have nearly eliminated soy and maybe do sprouted tofu once a month, or tempeh if we go out to a Vegan restaurant. This is from Brendan Braziers book Thrive “Some experts are calling soy the new gluten, meaning that it is being used as a filler in many processed foods.” Many people in our society are developing gluten allergies, and many are developing soy allergies because it is so predominant in our diet. So how do we stay away from it? Stay away from processed foods- even as a Vegan that gets difficult- bread, pita chips, some potato chips, cereal, the convenience foods. If you get the urge for something crunchy with that texture, try baking some Kale chips with a bit of oil and salt. And no more soy milk, or ice cream, I love coconut ice cream, and for milk get a blender, beg your mom for a Vitamix in the house. You will never regret getting a Vitamix, it is essential! (look on Craigslist anything!) Put a cup of water and a small handfull of raw almonds and blend up, in 30 seconds you have delicious milk that is sweet (with no refined sugar), high in protein and super easy! If you are putting in cereal there really isn’t a need to strain it (accept for separating the skin which is a digestive inhibitor) , I strain it with a paint strainer bag or a fine mesh strainer. Also you will never have to go to a commercial juice/smoothie bar where many of them use concentrate, and who knows what else, but many of them taste way to sweet…???. You can make way more nutritious smoothies at home:) I will write more on this subject of soy, and more alternatives to the Vegan temptations. Don’t be discouraged, that you will never be able to eat soy again. When you really refine your Vegan diet, you may see that many of your allergies just… disappear! My husband has seen dramatic effects with his lifelong battle with asthma. Something the doctors never recommend, funny that, because they have little, if any education on nutrition.

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