My Vegan Journey thus far…

So it’s been kind of a crazy journey the past 32 days exactly (I counted haha). It took me roughly a week to two weeks to phase out the animal by products out of my diet so I really have not been vegan for that long but I have experienced a few things different than when I was eating meat.

>decreased amount of food I would consume in one sitting–However I find myself snacking more often and getting full faster. But I’m snacking on healthy options 😀

>no cravings for any animal by products and whenever I crave chocolate or something sweet I reach for 85% cacao or a vegan cookie hehe.

>more regular (if you know what I mean) but that is most likely from the increase in fiber in my diet.

>I feel hungry for breakfast regularly in the past I used to skip breakfast because I would find myself waking up feeling sick or just not hungry at all. That hasn’t happened since I switched.

>I feel a lot better about myself and I feel like I am more attractive. I feel like my thighs are getting thinner and my face is trimming down 😀 (have not been exercizing regularly which I probably should start doing haha)

>One downside I have experienced is my face rash 😦 however it has improved immensely so hopefully once that allergist gets back to me I can just simply avoid what I’m allergic to and not have to worry about this face rash thing ever reappearing again!

>I used to have really bad mood swings and I’ve been dealing with a very rough spot in my relationship but I find that I can usually bounce out of my depressed moods fairly quickly! I rarely have mental breakdowns anymore where I just cry and cry and if I do they sure don’t last as long as they used to!

I will try to give monthly updates on my vegan journey but atleast I’ve been meat free and seeing some signs of improvement!


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