Dinner 4/26

Well tonight’s dinner was kind of a bummer I ate half of it but it wasn’t very good… Someone else was paying for my dinner so I kind of felt obligated to eat a large portion of my dinner plus I’m the only one who isn’t a meat eater…

Anyway went to the Mi pueblos restaurant in Sarasota and I read they had a vegan menu it had two entrees to choose from so I picked the “burrito de luz” it was on a whole wheat tortilla had sunflower beans (which I thought was quite strange.. Normal beans are vegan lol but I guess they didnt have any regular beans), sprouts, avocado (which i don’t remember seeing in the burrito and some kale the sunflower spread was way spicy an the sprouts tasted repulsive Im not sure if they were old or what so disappointing :((

Times like these where I can’t get a decent tasting meal as a vegan makes me sad and discouraged in my journey but the more I think about it I can’t picture myself going back to my old unhealthy ways of eating. Constantly worrying about gaining weight by what I was putting in my body. I just need to keep pushing and keep my motivation high!

Went home and had a delicious chocolate coconut milk icecream bar hahaha

Goodnight all😘😀


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