Allergic reaction–skin rash around mouth :(

So I noticed a rash forming around my mouth and over a few days it started to spread and become quite irritating kind of like mosquito bites around my lips very itchy!!! I went to the doctor and she said its the first sign of a major allergy! I’ve been so nervous about this because I don’t know what I’m allergic to!! She prescribed me an epi pen! Who would’ve thought! What a crazy day… She also prescribed me face cream that is helping. Has anyone experienced anything similar???

Breakfast, lunch and dinner 4/29

Breakfast: I had some oatmeal with cranberries flavored with agave syrup and almond milk just a nutritious way to start the day!

Lunch: more like a snack but oh well. I had bean chips (yuck! And they made my tummy hurt!), raspberries, and a blueberry granola bar made from two moms in the raw! Delicious but way over priced at $3 a bar!

Dinner: treated myself to a sushi restaurant! Had edamame, miso soup and a sushi roll made with brown rice, cucumber, lettuce, carrots and avocado! So good

Lunch & Dinner 4/28

Lunch: went to crispers and I had a yummy harvest vegetable soup with butternut squash, zucchini, potatoes and other veggies along with a grilled veggie sandwich ! They also have amazing mango sorbet!

Dinner: had a friend over and we were going to make sushi but I don’t have a rice cooker so that would’ve taken 2 hours just for the rice! So I made whole wheat pasta shells added taboule and marinara sauce turned out be be delish!